HUBS FOR CULTURE (project) helps cultural actors to manage their events and spaces online with free technology of Mozilla Hubs

HUBS FOR CULTURE (hubs room) is a curated meta-hub with portals to other rooms that could be inspiring for artists/curators/cultural managers

The first step is to educate and inspire cultural institutions/artists/NGOs and individuals to use Mozilla Hubs, but we also want to create a cross-border community in these spaces and develop a European Art & Research center. 

We already did:

  • translate documentation of Mozilla Hubs to the Ukrainian language
  • develop our spaces to showcase features and experiment with event formats
  • producing several video lectures for cultural actors 
  • starting a community
  • building portals between spaces from different countries


and join social pages:
facebook – https://www.facebook.com/hubsforculture
telegram – https://t.me/hubsforculture
youtube – https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCi1eUeNP-11vexowVON9Ejg